Instagram Roundup

Ah! Hey! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love to update you guys on what's happening in my life!

I love that I can upload snapshots of my life onto Instagram, and interact with you guys in the comments.

Because writing super long captions on Instagram can be a little overwhelming... and because if you know me at all, you know I always have so much to say about everything (lol)... I wanted to do a little Instagram roundup to share a few more details about the past few posts I've put up!!

Let's start with this:

As some of you may know, I loooove to bargain shop and look for things that are not the typical and "basic" pieces that everyone has. I like unique pieces when it comes to clothes, accessories, and of course, home decor!!

Especially after I moved out of my horrible apartment, I wanted to finally decorate everything exactly the way I've wanted to for so long! I love shopping for the most unique pieces, but I also love seeing how it all comes together. Who remembers when I used to make home decor videos on my YouTube channel?! Should I do more of that?! Let me know!!

This cabinet is soo 1970s, and I'm totally loving the vibe. It's so minimal but makes a really good statement piece to bring any space together. This wall was so bare, I needed something so perfect to create this complete look. I love how these pieces all work so well together. I told you this cabinet would be perfect!! ;)

Next, ME (lol).

Attention: This is not just a typical selfie!

This day, I wanted to share with you guys the amazing flash offer I had going on (it is over now!). I was offering a shining star ring of your choice, and these two bracelets! All for $40! The bracelets were practically free!

I occasionally like to do flash offers, and announce them exclusively on Instagram or Snapchat because I think that's so fun!

I totally want everyone to be a part of these flash offer, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat and YouTube (sometimes I give hints in my videos too!), to hear about the flash offers, first!

You can find me @hrhcollection, for all of my social media. 

This is a close up of the flash offer I had going on (reminder: it's over now!)

The rings are: shining star stackable rings
The bracelets were exclusive to this flash offer (are not for sale individually)

Last but not least: My baby Ming being as cute as ever!
I've been so blessed to have Ming in my life. I love that she's not like any other dog - I swear, she's totally a human!! Or at least, she thinks she is! I take her everywhere with me and she is always so well-behaved. She loves the occasional small piece of grilled chicken strip and totally loves shopping. I'm not even joking!! Sometimes I want her to get off my bed, but then she sits there looking at me like this, and my heart just melts!!

Hope you guys had fun catching up with me! This was actually so much fun - reliving my Instagram feed and sharing some more details with you guys!! Lol. Anyway, I'll see you guys on Insta!!

P.S. Video soon!! ;)

xx alex

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