Yay! New blog post!

I wanted to hop on here because I have been totally slacking in the blogging area and had a free day yay! I love that my blog and store is all in one place now, its like HRH heaven <3 I'm also so happy to introduce my Halo Collection bracelets!! I'm so glad that when I posted them on Snapchat and Instagram, soooo many of guys emailed in asking about them!! They're ready for you to shop now! 

So, obviously I love my watch, and I love that these new Halo pieces match and stack perfectly wth it! They are all so different and unique but work perfectly together! I was playing around with different shapes and forms, and these circular, halo-like shapes really spoke to me. So good! 

The gold one is a continuous halo bracelet that wraps all the around the wrist with golden halos. The silver one is a larger halo with a super cute hinged piece and a seamless  double chain that wraps around the wrist - I designed the silver one in particular to be super cool; it's not like your traditional bracelet. 

Anddd obviously I have to spruce up my neck as well with some signature HRH stacking pieces. Here, I'm wearing my Luxe Tattoo Choker, and my Voice-Box Tattoo Choker. If you guys ever want to find anything on my site, there is a little search bar at the top where you can type in the name of any piece, and it will show up!!

Here's my entire outfit! I'm also posting this on instagram, so go like it and comment!! I want to hear from you guys and check out your instagrams too!! By the wayyy, if you ever tag me in your photos wearing HRH pieces, I try my best to go through my tags and interact with you guys! Meet me there!

You guys know I'm all about comfort and pieces I can easily throw on but still look out together. This outfit I kid you not is beyond comfortable, warm but not overwhelmingly layered, and so chic. As usual a lot of my pieces lately have been from the mens section at stores like H&M. I love the oversized look and there's no crime in wearing more inexpensive pieces if you think it looks good on you! Wear what you love!

Jacket: Zara, Top: Mens H&M, Leggings: Aritzia, Sunglasses: Stephanie Christian, Shoes: LV, Jewelry: HRH, Bag: Chanel. 

Last, but certainly not least!! I neeeed to share with you guys my DAILY KIT. These are the absolute essentials to make me look alive! Korean makeup and skincare has totally been a favorite of mine especially as of late because I've been preferring lighter makeup that gives good enough coverage for me to be casual during the day and go out at night if I want to, without having to touch up very much! Plus, all of these things are so portable, I take them with my everywhere, even in my smallest chanel bags!!

BUT OF COURSE, no amount of makeup makes me sparkle enough like the pieces from my line that I adore soooo much. Seriously, accessories are the saviors of any drab outfit. My outfit and my skin can be on fleek, but if I'm not stacked in HRH, I honestly feel so naked. Like, what is an outfit without HRH? <3

Thank you sooo much for reading, I love that you guys email in and tell me that you like these and also my videos - really gives me motivation to keep going!! You guys are the absolute best!!

Love and thank you!!

xx alex

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Instagram Roundup

Ah! Hey! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love to update you guys on what's happening in my life!

I love that I can upload snapshots of my life onto Instagram, and interact with you guys in the comments.

Because writing super long captions on Instagram can be a little overwhelming... and because if you know me at all, you know I always have so much to say about everything (lol)... I wanted to do a little Instagram roundup to share a few more details about the past few posts I've put up!!

Let's start with this:

As some of you may know, I loooove to bargain shop and look for things that are not the typical and "basic" pieces that everyone has. I like unique pieces when it comes to clothes, accessories, and of course, home decor!!

Especially after I moved out of my horrible apartment, I wanted to finally decorate everything exactly the way I've wanted to for so long! I love shopping for the most unique pieces, but I also love seeing how it all comes together. Who remembers when I used to make home decor videos on my YouTube channel?! Should I do more of that?! Let me know!!

This cabinet is soo 1970s, and I'm totally loving the vibe. It's so minimal but makes a really good statement piece to bring any space together. This wall was so bare, I needed something so perfect to create this complete look. I love how these pieces all work so well together. I told you this cabinet would be perfect!! ;)

Next, ME (lol).

Attention: This is not just a typical selfie!

This day, I wanted to share with you guys the amazing flash offer I had going on (it is over now!). I was offering a shining star ring of your choice, and these two bracelets! All for $40! The bracelets were practically free!

I occasionally like to do flash offers, and announce them exclusively on Instagram or Snapchat because I think that's so fun!

I totally want everyone to be a part of these flash offer, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat and YouTube (sometimes I give hints in my videos too!), to hear about the flash offers, first!

You can find me @hrhcollection, for all of my social media. 

This is a close up of the flash offer I had going on (reminder: it's over now!)

The rings are: shining star stackable rings
The bracelets were exclusive to this flash offer (are not for sale individually)

Last but not least: My baby Ming being as cute as ever!
I've been so blessed to have Ming in my life. I love that she's not like any other dog - I swear, she's totally a human!! Or at least, she thinks she is! I take her everywhere with me and she is always so well-behaved. She loves the occasional small piece of grilled chicken strip and totally loves shopping. I'm not even joking!! Sometimes I want her to get off my bed, but then she sits there looking at me like this, and my heart just melts!!

Hope you guys had fun catching up with me! This was actually so much fun - reliving my Instagram feed and sharing some more details with you guys!! Lol. Anyway, I'll see you guys on Insta!!

P.S. Video soon!! ;)

xx alex
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HEY GUYS!! Its always SO fun to share my surprise clothing collections with you!! As you know, I'm primarily a jewelry designer, but I absolutely love to spontaneously add clothing designs to line that I know you will be as excited about as I am!

Velvet and satin have been on my mind and I wanted to bring two pieces that were wearable, chic and comfortable that so many people could love. I also wanted to be able to wear them as a set as well as wear them separately! This Bomber and tank duo looks absolutely amazing together and literally can be worn with your chic yoga pants and cool trainers or  at night to your fave swanky bar! You guys know how I'm very particular about each piece in my collection - everything has to just work together so effortlessly, but so perfectly. The MULBERRY CITY BOMBER is a piece that can be worn everywhere and by everyone! Its totally unisex and classic! You know how much I love timeless pieces, with uncomplicated lines that have some sort of unique excitement to them. This piece is the perfect representation! Its the perfect classic bomber made with a rich luxe velvet. Like everything in my life, this piece must be effortless and versatile. During the day, I throw it over my shoulders on my way to work and even straight to soul cycle. Just because its a velvet piece don't be afraid to dress it up or down!

The satin BROOKSY TANK  is just as effortless. I love this slightly longer cut and lower bust line piece paired with my favorite leggings and trainers during the day or heels as night. So easy!!

The velvet and satin textures make me feel so different and special in this outfit because its unique and NO ONE has it #NOTBASIC haha! <3  Oh and! I added more leather options for my METALLIC COCO BRACELETS! You guys looove these and of course, so do I! They have been a fan favorite for years and I when I recently came across some absolutely stunning leathers, I absolutely needed to add more options that are especially perfect for the holidays!My line is all about effortlessly stacking and mixing and matching. See how I like to pair the new colors, on the listing for inspiration!  You guys are the absolute BEST!! Thank and love you so much!!

xx alex

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Hey guys! So I'm still in Hawaii totally refusing to go back to LA because ew. Lol but no really.

When I am in LA, you guys know I like to dress super casual aka homeless chic. I love my yoga pants and simple tees because like whatever I'm doing me and working working working!.

When I feel like being kind of presentable, I reach for the basics that have always been my fave go-to's. I love these pieces - they're my faves!

I guess you can call this my "going shopping alone vibe" lol.

I don't have a ton of clothes, so the ones I have I totally love and always wear mixed and matched.

I'm wearing my Dauphine Choker and Coco Curb Choker. Any outfit can look different and better when you dress it up with the right accessories.

I make my chokers in so many colors so that they can go with pretty much any outfit.

I've had the shorts and the blazer for years, but they've worked for me, for a really long time. Classics.

I like to show the versatility of my closet. Let's keep it real, guys.

You guys know I'm all about mixing and matching metals and when it comes to crystal colors, I never try and match them together - I just throw on the colors that speak to me that day. The more un-matchy the crystals, the better and more unique the stack is!

I would wear this outfit to so many places because it would work in a lot of ways with little tweaks. The accessories make all the difference.

I love you guys so much and as always, thank you so much for reading and for your support! ♡

xx alex


PINK EMERALD CUT RING (e-mail to order)
BLAZER (similar)
SUNNIES (similar)
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HRH 2.0

OMG! It's been forever and a day since I've done this! Did you miss me? ;)

You've heard me talk about this relaunch for months, and I recently told you in my VLOG that I wanted to bring back my blog, but being me, in the coolest way possible.

This website is now my new shop where you can see all of my designs, and my new blog where you can see monthly stylebooks of how to wear my pieces + what I wear them with.

This jacket is a super exciting addition to my collection. For those of you who have been with me since way before, you know I used to have the cutest HRH clothes in my shop.

I've gotten so many questions about if and / or when I'm ever bringing that back to my shop. While at the moment I'm not committing to having a full clothing setup on my shop, I feel like this jacket is sooo me and sooo HRH, I just HAD to make it a part of my collection.

This is not a before and after picture lol. On the left is me standing in the shade, and on the right is me standing in the sun.

Look how amazing that sparkle is - the ultimate HRH sparkle!! ♡

For jacket details, check it out HERE.

One thing to note, if you guys ever have questions regarding the pieces I'm wearing or those in my shop, email me at



Love you guys!!

xx alex


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