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*** Please note that we are currently out of the clear travel pouch but will be sending it in our newly designed zippy pouch!! 

Hi loves!!

Sooo many of you love to gift my pieces to yourself as well as your friends, and I've gotten requests for HRH gift certificates!

Guess what! I actually do have HRH gift certificates you can purchase instead of specific pieces!!

These are perfect for when you want to gift HRH to someone, but you don't know what they want.

In the dropdown below, you can choose from a number of $. Of course, if you want a different amount than what is listed, feel free to email me at

These are the items that will be included:

1. HRH Gift Certificate with the details + amount specified on the back

2. NEW HRH postcard with my personal signature on them!

3. HRH Collection Large Sticker in Black

4. HRH Collection Mini Sticker in Red

5. AND OF COURSE!! My NEW Clear Pouch that you guys have been loving so much!! I looove this piece!

*** Some things to know:

You can use this certificate whenever you want (even when I'm having a sale or promotion!) - treat it like cash!! $$

If you want me to include a personal written note in the package, and / or a special e-mail from me to the person you're gifting this to, I can do this for you!

This gift certificate ships FREE (with or without additional pieces from my line!)

This means that when combined with other pieces, the additional weight of this certificate won't be charged toward your standard shipping.

Hope you love this gift certificate package I put together!

xx alex

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