Hi guys! My name is Alex, creator and owner of HRH Collection. This company started as a hobby and has now grown into a company that I’m so proud to call my own. Many of you guys have asked me how I started HRH and are curious how it progressed the way it did, so I thought I’d share some HRH history with you!

Before HRH was a hobby, I wasn’t even remotely involved in jewelry let alone in the design field. In 2007, I had graduated from college with a degree in political science. In 2009, I graduated from graduate school with a masters degree in international business. While getting my masters, I devoted some time to study abroad in Shanghai, China so that I could really experience the world from an international business perspective. I was so sure that I wanted to climb the corporate ladder through all those years of schooling.

Some time during my studies in Shanghai, I really fell in love with all things Asian. My long-time followers know how obsessed I am with anything cute and Asian inspired! With that said, I knew I was there to finish up grad school so that I could use my degree to make a name for myself in the corporate world.

When I returned to the U.S. after finishing up my schooling in Shanghai, I moved back into my parents’ home. The economy had just tanked, so even with my masters degree, things were so competitive and I was definitely not expecting it. I was having to compete with people who had 30+ years of experience in the field and it just seemed like I had no chance.

While living at my parents’ house, I knew I had to keep myself busy. I didn’t want to get too comfortable because I had goals and big dreams for myself. I applied to countless jobs and went to so many interviews. Week after week, I was turned down for everything - it was a really tough time. But I didn’t let that keep me down.

I knew I had to at least start a hobby, so I made my first YouTube video! It was a “what’s in my bag” video. At the time, it was just something to keep me occupied - I didn’t think anything would ever come of it.

Some time later, I got a job in accounting even though I’m so terrible at math - don’t ask me how I got that job! Ha ha! Even still, I kept busy with my YouTube channel after work just for fun.

I obviously had pictured something different for my life at this point, but I wasn’t ashamed or discouraged to pursue other interests and goals. So, I started another hobby making frosting cupcake accessories. I eventually shared some pieces on my channel - specifically a Japanese style frosting cupcake ring and key fob - and to my surprise, people actually seemed interested! I was getting a few requests for orders here and there, which overall really boosted my self-confidence. I felt like I had finally done something right - that others were believing in what I had to offer.

Down the line, I created the La Lumiere, which is still one of the most popular pieces in my collection! This piece specifically is what fueled my love for all things crystal. From there I had expanded my line focusing mostly on crystals and chain - just things I would personally wear on a regular basis. I would wear them to work and wear them in my videos, and soon, enough people were asking to purchase them from me, so I started an Etsy shop!

During the day I would work my 9-5 job, and then during lunch breaks and at night, I would edit videos and fill orders. For some time, I was working on HRH until 4am in the morning, and then getting up at 7 for work. I definitely kept myself busy, and I couldn’t be happier! Eventually, I was able to earn enough money to move out of my parents’ house and get my own apartment. Around the same time, I realized that still committing to my 9-5 job was stifling what I could be making of HRH, so I made a bold move by quitting my full time job. I believed in HRH and myself, and wanted to devote all of my time to it.

It has been a really long journey and I can’t say that it was all smooth sailing. Times have been tough and overall it was really difficult to build up HRH and really grow into myself. I just always stayed positive and most importantly, was strategic in how I developed HRH. Many of you guys ask me if you should quit your jobs to pursue YouTube or your other hobbies. To be completely honest, I do not think you should quit your job for any hobby, until you have grown your company into one that can reasonably replace your job - this is very important.

I am always so thankful for everyone who has helped me become who I am today. And of course, I am super thankful for everyone who supports HRH - it has become something I never thought was possible. From frosting accessories I made for myself, to all this! But of course, this isn’t the peak for HRH. I always dream bigger and never settle for less. I truly value HRH and everyone who supports what I do, and that is the best motivation to always improve. Endless thank you’s to everyone! Remember, it’s never too late or impossible!

xx alex