The Miami Piece
The Miami Piece
$ 49.00

The Miami Piece

The Miami piece is a choker AND perfectly proportioned necklace in one.

It wraps twice around your neck for a tailored, stacked, choker look or can be worn long for a perfect length necklace. Some necklaces can be too long or too short, but this one lands at just the right length!

Made with super shiny, silver plated, so "Miami" vibe chain.

It is sleek and delicate enough to layer and stack or can be worn alone - as shown below in the photos.

I'm offering it at an introductory price of $49 for its launch, and the price will raise to $53 next week!

I make all my chokers for a standard 13 in neck but can customize it if needed to fit any size neck!

HRH logo tag not included.

All handmade and originally designed by me!