HEY GUYS! So, I want to clarify that you get a FREE CLEAR POUCH and ALSO FREE SHIPPING with any order $150+

This means:
1. You don't need to use a code to get BOTH of these with any order $150+, and you also don't need to e-mail me to ask for the pouch. The free shipping is automatically applied at checkout, and I will personally be including the free clear pouch for these orders when packing them!

2. $150+ in products (aka subtotal!). The free shipping + clear pouch is included for orders that have $150 or more worth of PRODUCTS (NOT the grand total). So, if your order barely reaches $150 because you're adding in the taxes and shipping, your order does NOT qualify for the free shipping and the clear pouch!

3. Also, to be clear, you are not receiving any of the products that are used as props in the above photo - you are receiving the clear pouch only.

Thanks guys!!

xx alex
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If you guys didn't already know, HRH is now offering instant delivery!!

Basically, the concept is immediate gratification. Once you place your order, your pieces will be delivered to you the same day!

Whether you're at home or at work,  you can place an order for HRH delivery and we'll get this out to you ASAP!! How fun is that!

You guys know me - I'm all about instant gratification and cute concepts. This is something that has been in the works at HRH for a while now, and I'm sooo glad that we're finally able to make it happen!


Some things you will definitely need to know about HRH delivery:

- This won't be happening everyday. I've decided that it will happen only on select days when I feel like doing it. I want to keep it fresh and exciting and totally spontaneous. * Hint hint * The first HRH delivery day is NOV 16!! This is the first time we're launching this service and we're so excited!

- This is for same day delivery: we are accepting orders 9am - 5pm pst, and your order will be delivered to you that same day, hopefully only taking a couple hours to reach you! 

- The minimum subtotal requirement is $30, in order to opt for HRH delivery.

- Very important! * Signature required. To ensure the smoothest process, I am requiring a signature upon delivery. This means that once you place your order, please be present at the delivery location to sign off for the package! I just want to make sure all of you receive your packages :)

- The covered delivery areas includes central Los Angeles and surrounding areas. If you're not sure if your area is covered, check here:

Keep your eyes peeled for HRH delivery - remember, it won't be everyday!!

But don't worry, I'll be sure to give you guys a heads up whenever it happens! <3

To stay posted, follow me on:

Instagram / Snap / Twitter / YouTube: @hrhcollection

Talk to you guys soon!!

Love and thank you so much!!

xx alex

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